Shahin Mastian has demonstrated extreme passion for the arts and creativity since his childhood. His painting has evolved during his journey as an artist, but at all periods of his life impressionism has been a leading influence. He was inspired by van Gogh, George Seurat, Paul Signac, Claude Monet, and any painter who could introduce patterns of colored dots. Shahin’s unique style of pointillism manifested itself when he found the answer to his lifetime question, why does one painting touch my heart more than others. That was when he realized he enjoys pattern recognition and pattern connection. This led him to his own pointillism style of painting in which he expresses certain applications of color patterns. The influential theme in most of his paintings are visceral to the senses. Vibrant streets, nightlife in cosmopolitan cities, rain and reflections, dance and athletics are unique subjects that attract him. He has a way of capturing the image with an amazing symmetry of color, patterns, technique, and depth of feeling. What I enjoy most is I do not introduce any details in my work and I'll leave it to the viewer to complete the image he says, this makes me feel connected with my viewers. I draw inspiration from all things but especially I enjoyed going out every night for I always see something new and unique I wish to capture on canvas.